Benzie, General Manager


General Manager

Benzie embarked on his career in the sign industry 28 years ago, following the completion of his graphic design education. Over the years, he has gained comprehensive experience in various facets of the sign business, including production design, design, installation, project management, sales, production management, and currently serves as the General Manager. Although he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and camping with his wife and/or daughter, his genuine passion lies in paragliding. Typically, you can spot him soaring off Mt. Zion (commonly referred to as Lookout) in Golden, CO. Benzie has dedicated the past 15 years to paragliding and remains committed to continual learning and sharing his expertise with others. During his leisure time when he is not engaged in flying, he can be found at home working on various household projects, tending to the garden, caring for chickens, or undertaking new endeavors in the garage.