We were honored to have the opportunity to create three historic markers for Colorado Asian Pacific United to honor Denver’s forgotten Chinatown. These markers were hand crafted out of aluminum and wood. We added direct printing, braille beads, and a solar powered light in the top. We are thrilled how these turned out! From concept to reality! Make sure to check out the video of the dragon blessing the marker!

Img 4721

Here is a little more history on Denver’s Chinatown and what CAPU does.

Funded by Andrew Mellon Foundation and Denver Arts & Venue, Colorado Asian Pacific United installed a mural and three historic markers strategically across Downtown Denver to honor the history of our forgotten Chinatown.

“In the late 1800s, Denver was home to a vibrant and thriving Chinatown that spanned between 15th to 17th Street on Wazee St. A variety of causes saw to the eventual driving out of the Chinese community in Colorado including the Anti-Chinese Race Riot of 1880 in Denver, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, and a general hatred for those that were different. Today, there is little to no physical existence of the Chinatown’s existence. Even though hundreds -if not thousands- of people walk past this area each day, very few of them would be able to recognize the historic significance and diverse history of the area.

The installation of the mural and historic markers is a metaphorical and physical way of reclaiming our stories and homes.”

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