Cherry Creek West

Cabinet Signs, Flat Cut Letters & Logos, Freestanding Signs, Monument Signs

“Something exciting is coming” is the slogan on each sign we fabricated to get people excited about the huge redevelopment in Cherry Creek. Everything from the old Bed Bath & Beyond to the Cherry Creek Shopping mall parking garage will be redeveloped into a new community with multi-family housing, commercial office space, shopping, a famers market, and 20,000 square feet of open green space.

RiNo Sign Works was tasked to create these four signs to put on the site so people will navigate to the website to learn more about the project. Even though these are beautiful signs they are only temporary. Sometime during the redevelopment, these signs will be in the way and will eventually come down, but they sure do look the part now!

We fabricated these by welding together aluminum cabinets and painting them white. Next, we added the flat cut out letters/logo onto the cabinet and screwed down each letter to make sure they never come off. Lastly, we welded the legs into the cabinet making the install pretty simple.

Little fun fact: the pieces of the logo that stick off of the cabinet are made of aluminum to make sure nobody breaks them off, whereas the letters/logo on the cabinet are made of acrylic that was painted to save weight.