AIMS Community College in Greeley is a public community college serving northern Colorado. Last year. they approached to help them with some custom signage for their new Welcome Center and an updated Student Commons building. We worked closely with HCM2’s team to take their designs and figure out how we can turn them into actual signs. In the new Welcome Center, we did lots of cool Wayfinding, some Value Panels, with the highlight being the faux neon I Love Aardvarks sign.

  • AIMS Wayfidning Sign
  • AIMS Wayfidning Sign
  • AIMS Wayfidning Sign
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  • AIMS I love Aadvarks Sign

In the Student Commons we did some signs for their café called Arty’s Bistro, a multi-layer AIMS logo, some vinyl on the ceiling that says, “Proud to be an Aardvark” and a one of kind custom huge sliding puzzle with their logo on it. In addition, we did over 300 custom ADA signs throughout both buildings.

  • AIMS Arty's Bistro Sign
  • AIMS Arty's Bistro Sign
  • AIMS Bookstore Sign
  • AISM Arty's Bistro Order Here Sign
  • AIMS Proud to by an Aadvark Vinyl
  • AIMS multi-layer logo sign
  • AIMS Forge Ahead
  • AIMS Build a stronger community sign
  • AIMS Huge Sliding Puzzle

This was a huge project, and we are thrilled how it turned out.

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