Catbird Hotel

Catbird Hotel

Catbird hotel is the latest hotel to be completed in RiNo that “blurs the line between hotel and home”.

The look of real neon is unmistakable. Although it’s fragile and can require more maintenance it makes such a statement. As you leave downtown driving east down Walnut street, you see a white glow on top of a building.

Img 4211

As you get closer you can see it says CAT BIRD in big neon letters. With CAT having a blue hue whereas CAT has softer white hue.

Facing east on the top of the building is a huge Catbird logo and down at street level there are two more signs.

We don’t blow neon in house so we leave that up to Morry’s Neon here in Denver. We take the glass from Morry’s and fabricate everything else. Make sure to check out these amazing neon signs next time you are down in the RiNo area at night.

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