Neon Signs – Benefits and Drawbacks

Neon Signs – Benefits and Drawbacks

At RiNo Sign Works we do a lot of neon signs. We frequently get asked to explain the benefits and drawbacks of neon so we thought a blog post to explain would be helpful.

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People love the look of traditional neon. It has a timeless feel and the demand for it is still very relevant. Let’s look at some of the benefits of neon:

  1. Designers love the look of traditional neon and neon offers a lot of versatility
  2. In the right environment and regular service, neon signs can last a long time
  3. Real neon is eco friendly as the gas inside is not harmful to the environment
  4. Neon is easy to read both during the day and at night
  5. For what you pay for neon it’s a good investment and will pay off for its business for years to come

Neon also comes with some drawbacks. Here are some things to think about before buying a real neon sign:

  1. Real neon is fragile and can break easily, especially if it is outdoors. One small crack and the entire piece is broken.
  2. It takes more power to run a real neon sign than a LED sign
  3. Installing neon is a lot more difficult than a LED sign
  4. Real neon should be serviced at least once a year
  5. You are limited on the colors you can use

RiNo Sign Works wanted to come up with some alternatives to real neon, so we offer two alternatives.

The first is a LED rope light that looks very similar to neon.

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The second option, is our signature faux neon that we create using acrylic that is pushed through the face of a cabinet/letter and then backed with a translucent vinyl to create the color. We used this style extensively in the Meow Wolf project we just completed for their new location in Denver called Convergence Station. Here are a few examples:

If you are thinking about a neon sign, contact RiNo Sign Works so we can help you navigate the process and help you choose the right style for your project! Email

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