Tower 3 Productions gets a new sign!

Tower 3 Productions gets a new sign!

Tower 3 Productions is a full service video production company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They specialize in recording and producing captivating short videos and aerial videography. They contacted RiNo Sign Works and were in need of sign for their office. Audrey Cramer, one of the designers at RiNo Sign Works, was tasked at coming up with an original design for their sign.


Audrey states that the Tower 3 Productions sign was designed as a fully aluminum 1″ deep cabinet. The larger letters and parts of the logo are 1/4″ FCO’s, some of which are on 1″ aluminum spacers to give the sign some dimension. The smaller details, like the yellow circles and the word “productions”, are routed into the face of the cabinet and backed with aluminum to add some more depth. The logo was also painted to match the client’s specs.

For fabrication, angle returns were glued to the face of the cabinet, then the backer was fitted to the returns and screws were countersunk into those returns to make the face removable for easy installation. Next, the FCO’s were tapped with allthread, and lastly everything was painted and then assembled. 

After assembly the sign was shipped up to Jackson Hole, WY and was installed. Both the client and our staff love how this sign turned out.


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